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exploring the architecture of all that is

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Exploring The Architecture of All That Is

  • seeking to understand the ordering principles of the universe


Hunting Golden Sections

GEOMETOR Explorer is an essential tool of the GEOMETOR Project.

Deep Field Project

Finding Golden Sections within a blank canvas

Like the Hubble Deep Field Experiment which searched fro galaxies in an empty spot in space, we are are planning to turn Geomtor Explorer to a blank canvas to see howm any unique instances of golden ratios we can find.


Elements and other studies

parsing original texts for study in photon

Four Circles

one of the simplest golden sections

From two points, we can draft a line with through them or scribe two circle where each point is a center for a circle passing through the other point.

Unique External

6 unique constructions of the golden ratio

Demonstrates 6 ways to construct golden ratio points external to a unit segment

Root 3

constructions inside a circumscribed equilateral triangle

The Golden Ratio

perfection in balance and growth

The Golden Ratio is a proportion of two unequal values \(a\) and \(b\) where

\[ \large \frac{a}{b} = \frac{b}{a+b}\]

Logical Systems

arithmetic, geometry, algebra

  • Phi emerges at the outset when exploring the simplest of logical relationships

Golden Sections

Geometric constructions which derive the Golden Ratio

A Golden Section is the ratio of two segments within a construction where the proportion of their measures is PHI.

Natural Systems

Patterns in the Natural World

  • Phi emerges as the ordering principle in so many aspects of living things


The story of our conscious awareness of Phi

Since antiquity, Phi has captivated great thinkers


Euclid's Elements

  • the standard of logic for two thousand years


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Public Repositories for sharing code

All the development code for GEOMETOR is here. As well as out content platform - PHOTON